Friday, November 2


First , I start with not so exiting news. We went to CHLA today and found out that Reginas counts have dropped. I am upset about it because her ANC dropped from 3400 to 1200 and that is not good. Also, her Hemoglobin dropped, but it is still on safe side. Her Platelet actually got better. They jumped from 34000 to 39 000, but Dr Dhall thinks that REgina can manage to survive this weekend without having any serious issues. Another bad news. Since Reginas counts are dropping, I have to go back to CHLA for more labs and I AM NOT LOOKING FORWARd to it. Usually buy now her counts should have been stable, but this time, they just kind of keep jumping up and down..

AND NOW VERY EXITING NEWS... I hope you guys do not mind mentioning your names, but if you do, email me at and I take your name off from here...
Liz, Lenka, Sylvia, Melissa, Betina, Candace, Becky and Terry- Thank you so much for your support. And thanks for Mileys world..... Most of all. thanks for Liz for getting Regina HANNAH MONTANA TICKETS. I am not sure who is more exited Regina or I. When I told Regina today that she can go to see Hannah Montana, she let out this weird scream ( I AM SO EXITED) with very low timber , she almost sounded like boy. Then she asked me to find Hannah montana DVD, so she can practice..... I do not get it,, Practice what..??/ MY CAR's CD player is filled with Hannah/ Miley stuff, and I have to Admit,, I love Miley songs. ;)

SO TOMORROW, we are going to see HANNAH MONTANA .

Now, there is something else I want to talk about. This is more serious issue for me and please , do not take it personally... but I have to ask you a

I know most of you care about how Regina is doing and most of our conversations start- How Regina is Doing? Honestly, You do not have to ask me this question because you feel obligaided(spellig) to ask this... You do not have to .:) But If you want to , that's ok ;) You do not have to feel bad not asking me about how things are ..... If you know me,,, I make sure I LET you know how things are ;) lol

But I do want to thank you all for being here for us.. And I want to thank you Reginas Chemo Angel for Sending Regina the coolest crafts ever ) She loves them all.:)

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