Wednesday, November 28

Chemo Angels.

In Chase Playroom ( 4 west)..
PS>>>>>>> Our Friend Dylan is in hospital with nasty bug C-diff. His ANC is also 0.. and C-diff is not fun....
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I want to thank Reginas Chemo angels from Bottom of my heart. When Regina was diagnosed first time Her chemo Angel was Carol. Regina still talks about her. In REginas vision Chemo Angel is someone who wears a white dress, has long white hair and has huuuuge wings.:) I like her vision. In real life Chemo Angels are group of amazing volunteers who volunteer their time and energy to make special kids who have cancer feel good, by sending them mail, ( letters, cards, packages, etc). This year Regina has 2 Angels. Again, Amazing angels. They seem to know what Regina likes and every letter, card, package Is About what Regina likes :) THANK YOU AGAIn.
If you would like to be Chemo Angel, please check out their website.

One of reginas Angels sent her CUTEST gift today...
All of you know my relationship with "soft" toys. I am done. NO MORE... BUT today Regina and Gabriel received 2 CUTEST mouses . They look like they have escaped from So since they are so cute and perfect, I decided they are going to be Reginas Pink Christmas Tree toppers :) Very Cute :)
BTW, If you would like to send Regina something, but have no idea what she likes then perfect gift for her is Angel and St Jude ornaments:) St Jude still has very special place in my heart and I feel extremely sad that we are not able to be there .. but we still support St Jude and donate money to them. Also, this year, do not forget to support Children's Hospital of LA. I know I know, I told you some horror stories,,, But trust me, things are getting so much better in there. I have not SEEN huge masses of people on 4 west. Also, they do not allow therapy pets there anymore. I think that is smart :)

And, Regina is still in Hospital today. My dh is there with her tonight. I just wanted to come home after 2 days of babysitting. Our roommate Luci... wanted to eat chips all day long... I told her during lunch time- I take your chips away if you do not eat your chicken... I never seen anyody starting to eat chicken so I also asked her to start eating her veggies,,, she told me.. Her mom told her that veggies are yuck... and if she does not like, she does not have to eat veggies. OK. :)

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Susan said...

Thinking of your princess tonight and sending many prayers...

Thanks for an idea for a Christmas gift for YOUR ANGEL.

Sending lots of love,