Sunday, November 25

Line infection update. and update no2.

WE HAVE ANC------ 650!!! WOHOOOOHOOHOOOoo but her white blood count remains extremely low... I just got email from DH Dhall.( reginas onco.) First, they are trying to treat Reginas Central line with antibiotics, and if after treatment, bacteria still grows, then they will pull her line...
ANd after little wait, line has to be put back in ( upcoming Stem cell transplant).

UPDATE: Regina is inpatient now in CHLA. Room 429 A. She is doing great :)

Infection is called Gram Negative Rod . It does not sound harmful, but it can kill. WE are extremely lucky that Regina has not shown any infection signs like fever or chills. Most likely doctors in CHLA have to pull REginas line out because if we leave it in and her ANC remains 0, most likely infection will take over her body and we could loose her.

PLEASE- get well thoughts, prayers, meditation etc... needed...

nMortality rate of gram negative rod bacteremia is
nFactors associated with higher death rate include… ARDS, septic shock, DIC, anuria, presence of a central venous catheter, unknown origin of infection, inappropriate antibiotic treatment
nMortality rate of gram negative rod sepsis with shock is 30-50%
nMost important intervention is early initiation of appropriate antibiotic therapy

Most common gram negative species
nEnterobacter – 18.5%
nKlebsiella – 17.8%
nPseudomonas – 14.4%
nE. Coli – 13.6%
nAcinetobacter – 10.1%
nSerratia marcescens – 9.7%

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Kathy said...

Yippee for the ANC!

Now her body can hopefully kill off the bacteria with the help of those antibiotics.