Sunday, November 18



Luckily we did not have to drive to La. We went to our local ER. We did have to spend there whole lot of time. We went there 8 AM and got back 2.30. They took cultures from Reginas line and now we have to wait and see if something starts to grow in those test tubes.:)

Reginas counts were pretty good. Her platelet count was 75 000 which is excellent. Her hemoglobin was tiny bit low 7,8.. but CHLA Oncologist on call thought that we can wait until monday ( because we go to CHLA tomorrow).

NOW, it was so weird being back in Mission ER. I was sitting there and started to cry, because all those June 21st 2007 memories cam back to me like it was just yesterday. To make things worse, doctor on call there was SAME doctor who had to give us BAD news . He did Remember us and was glad to see that Regina is doing great.
For our surprise I saw somebody very dear to us. Dr Loudon. That was complete surprise. I was sitting in ER ( in private room with Regina), when I saw somebody walking by,, I would recognize that walk from I am people watcher.. I ran out of room and yelled... DR LOUDON... hihihi lol Of course he was glad to see also that Regina is doing great ,.. and he really wants to see Reginas scans...

Anyway, after beth and Heather dropped us some lunch, we were discharged and left Mission Viejo ER...

Tomorrow will be another Outpatient Chemo day for Regina . Irinotecan and labs, and most likely she will get blood transfusion

Have a fun sunday


Lennuk said...

Uh, hopefully this tube thing will work out ok!
Do you really recognize people by their footsteps? Wow!
How it's going with your sister?

nurse@hospital said...


Soovin Reginale ja kogu teie perele palju positiivseid mõtteid ja energiat! Neiu on väga sisukas ja tragi!!