Monday, November 26

Monday update.-and update-update...

ok. it is almost 6pm. now we at least know what kind of gram negative infection it is. i was told that it is very rear infection and only handful of kids had it. i forgot it's name since it was extra long and i fell asleep before doctor pronounced it out.. good thing about it is , that it is slow growing and luckily it has not gotten into her body. it just sits in her line and grows and grows, and grows, until growth is stopped with antibiotics.
doctors also contacted infectious disease to ask more information about this kind of infection. If bacteria created slimy layer inside her line, then it has to be pulled out fast...
but we have to stay here for at least 4 days before we have more answeres.;0)

Culture from Reginas line they took late last night came out negative ( Good news :) ) But I am little suspicious , since First 2 times they took cultures from line, it was also negative ( first 3 days) and on 4th day it started growing.... Hoping that antibiotics Cocktail regina is on right now, takes care of her infections :)

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