Monday, November 19

Reginas body is getting tired...

For our and Dr Dhalls surprise , REginas counts were horrible today. So horrible, she did not qualify to receive Irinotecan today. :( Instead, we spent 3 hours waiting for blood ( hemoglobin was 7,7) and then another 3 hours receiving blood... and it is 8 PM and we are finally home.. It was 12 hours day... Very tiring .

Dr Dhall also told us that our insurance does not want to cover Reginas stem cell stransplant. Their excuse is, Regina already had one 4 mini transplants in ST Jude, she does not need anymore... :( ( She does). So dr Dhall and CO.. Are still doing some talking to make blue cross to cover her transplant...

So, guys, since reginas counts dropped way to fast, PLEASE hope that they RECOVER AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. NO FEVERS, NO INFECTIONS... oh..

We have to go back to CHLA tomorrow for Platelet transfusion... She needs one before thanksgiving.


Lennuk said...

Oh, I hope Regina's numbers will go up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy said...

If you were to go to battle with Blue Cross, you'd have to make the point that this is a relapse, more like a second incidence of the disease.

Bone marrow transplants are not the same as radiation which pretty much you can do only once.

Also, most trials are supposed to be covered. If insurance won't budge, you have to hit up Dr. Dhall and CHLA. Regina is literally being used as a guinea pig, not necessarily a bad thing but in the long run they are benefiting from treating her experimentally like this.

I'd be making the case that if insurance won't pay, they should do it anyway. CHLA is literally chock full of patients who don't pay, why can't one of them be Regina?

I'm concerned about Regina's marrow with all this chemo. There will come a point where she can't do it any more, you'd like to be sure she makes it to transplant before that happens.

I hope her marrow recovers soon so she can get back to enjoying her holiday season.

BTW, I was looking at movie times on IMDB this evening and there in the upper right hand corner was Madelyn. I think I'm getting really tired of living in a world where kids have to suffer.

I'll be praying for Regina's rapid recovery.

Terri said...

BIG HUGS to all of you & good thoughts & prayers that Regina starts getting better & feeling better!! God Bless!!

Steph said...

Hello. I check in all the time (subscribe through bloglines) but often have a baby in my arms and can't type a comment.

I think about you all the time.

I pray for Regina.

I remember when Asher went to transplant the insurance company had a team of "medical people" (doctors?) that decided IF Asher needed a transplant. Like they know what my son needs from reading a few Kathy said, this is a 'new' incidence being a relapse....isn't Regina needing an autologous transplant (her own cells?) had better pay....

Thinking of you all on Thanksgiving.


Asher's mom in AZ