Wednesday, November 7

Oh jah...

(This is why I say NO to toys..... if I get one more deddy bear or bunny, or frog, or cat, you get these for exchange... ;)
We saw our fave -Dr Dhall today.. Oh man.,, than doctor is one busy doctor. He was pretty much running from one room to he is funny..

OK. Heres the plan. CHEMO and lots of it.. our last round of this regular chemo starts on next monday.
WEDNESDAY in hospital.
wednesday, thursday, friday , saturday oral chemo before bedtime .. Of course her regular antibiotics......

Wednesday afternoon home.... then home health care nurse will come to our house to do Reginas labs.( on Friday)
Then on following monday IV chemo in CHLA... Then more labs labs, labs.. until she has recovers ... And then Stem cells transplants with chemo....

OK then... We will not be staying to RMDH . We will be home most of the time... But that does not mean that Regina will be going to school... No, no , no... She stays home with me and no fuss about it... sorry you all....
AND 4 more days before My sister arrives..

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Susan said...

Good Friday morning!

Oh, you are just so funny. Look at all those stuffed animals and toys.

I hope she enjoys each one, and yes, she doesn't need another one!

Still praying for my girl!