Wednesday, November 14


Regina had a great Night:) She only vomited once and even did not wake me up when she wanted to go to Restroom.. She was so proud of that Right now she has been playing with legos for 3 hours straight. She makes something but I am not sure what.. it looks like weird futuristic house with christmas trees in it. :)

We will get out around 4 Pm today.I am forcing Regina to drink because if she drinks enough, ONLY then we get out 4 pm. LUCKILY we do not have to come back to CHLA this week. Home healtcare nurse will come and draw labs on Friday.
On monday we come here for outpatient chemo.. and labs, and wednesday and friday nurse will come home again:)

See you around :)

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Susan said...

Sending lots of cyber hugs to that precious daughter of yours, and the prayers don't stop!

Blessings to you,