Wednesday, March 16

Cheescake factory should be banned. lol

That is just a thought. lol Today we went to the mall and there it was. Cheesecake factory with all it's beautiful cheescakes. You can not pass cheesecake without getting some for yourself. So I did. I got peanut butter cookiedough cheescake - one slice only. But it was sooooooooo good. Oh, and I had to share it with SIja. :) There goes my diet- whooooosh out of window...

Regina had fun in the mall. There was Easter bunny- and of course this one was life size one. AND she wanted to take a pic with easter bunny- again. So we did. After she colored her easter bunny pictures, ate some japanese teriaky chicken with rice and drank murtle beach green lime lemonade. And we went to candy store and she bought some of her favorite candys( it is kind of ritual, every time we go to Mission Viejo mall, we have to visit the candy store. :)

And then I saw the cutest hat , with hair attached to it. Regina thought also that it was cute, so we bought her blond one and brown one. :) SHe looks cute with long brown locks :)

I am off to gym now to run off those extra 300 sugar cals. :)

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