Wednesday, September 26



Oh mu gosh.. what a day Tuesday was. It started around 6 am for me- shower. 7.30 hospital. And then when things went kind of cucu..

Reginas stem cell harvest was supposed to start 9 am. We waited and waited and waited and finally Stem stell collector showed up with her equipment around 1 pm. AT least she showed up. Then stem cell collection started. It took almost 4 hours. So around 5 pm. It was done. Then They had to drew reginas labs to check potassium, calcium, platelet and hemoglobin levels. Potassium was LOW. Platelet count was LOW.( because of stem cell collection it went from 100 000 to 37 000 within 4 hours. So we had to wait another 30 minutes when they ordered and prepared platelets for her. And platelet transfusion took another 20 minutes… And then around 7 pm we were out.

I see it this way. Hospital is emotionally exhausting for us parents and care givers, but it is physically exhausting for our kids. DR Phil , we need your help.

Today ( Wednesday). We are doing pretty much same thing. Sitting her for few hours while her stem cells get collected and then , couple of more hours waiting for labs.

Reginas ANC is doing AWESOME!! On Friday it was zero- yesterday it was 5500, Today it must be 7000 something…

See you on Saturday.

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Patty said...

What a day, yes they are hellish days for the parents and oh so tiring for the little ones. You all hang in there. Much love and prayers are coming your way.

Lennuk said...

Hi, Diana! Uh, what a day! It's just crazy... Are you there on Friday? Waiting around? I could give you some company???? Unfortunately I'm not able to do it today.

Susan said...

Hey Diana,

Just stopping by to check up on the princess...

Wow, what a day!

Praying for a GREAT weekend ahead.

Love the pictures from Monday.

I'm still storming the heavens down south.


Kathy said...

Let's see, the stem cell harvest was scheduled for 9 am.

The woman showed up to draw the blood at 1 pm.

Regina (and you) only had to wait 4 hours, just to get started.

Are they giving the phlebotomists the morning off these days?

I admire you for being so patient.