Friday, September 28

After about 70 cupcakes./...

  1. Cupcakes baked
  2. 2 cakes made and decorated
  3. Mini hamburgers done
  4. Shnitchels done
  5. 4 loaves of bread cut with cookie cutters
  6. Blue cheese walnut terrine- done
  7. macaroni salad- almost done
  8. scones -done, but not perfect.
  9. cucumbers cut into flower shapes
  10. Sour kraut slow cooked!!!!
  11. Meet marinated
  12. Goody bags filled ( almost, sandra, waiting for your "stuff") with help from Regina
  13. Table ready
  16. I FORGOT TO ORDER pink and green and blue balloons :(
  17. I forgot to buy extra ice cream
  18. I forgot to buy pears and strawberries :(
  19. I need extra Ice
  20. I need few more drinks for kids
  21. craft tables ready for kids to use
  22. I forgot to buy sharpies for foil art
  23. I still have to make cream cheese spread for salmon rolls
  24. I still have to bake mini cinnamon rolls
  25. I still have to bake italian sausage pirogies
  26. Salad tomorrow
  27. childrens sandwitches tomorrow

AND... MOre things to do... OH, I also made 4 different colors of play dough - non toxic, eatable, BUT VERY SALTY.... and if some of you remember to take couple of play dough cutters or rollers.. etc. I'd appreciate it.. I do not have any playdough toys :(

OK. IT is 9.52 and this is first time today I Am sitting down ( well, I woke up 6 am and took kids to school.....and did some shopping... But car drive sitting really does not

I also took Regina to school today. Around 10 am I got a call from School. REGINA complains headache and is dizzy... REALLY....??? DizZY?? In a weird way only time she complains dizziness when she is in school. I do not get it. She gets chemo and is fine, She takes YUCKY medicine - She is ok, She goes to school- SHE GETS DIZZY??? HUH??? WHAT am I missing here. I sense somebody just does not like school very much. I told her today- NEXT time she complains dizziness I WILL NOT PICK HER UP FROM SCHOOL. NO WAY, never, sorry, . She started crying- HER WAY OUT --- OF COURSE....
I WILL not pick her up from school I do not care how dizzy she feels. Only time I will pick her up is when she has fever or throws up.!!!! AND tummy pain- NORMAL, due her meds. NOthing serious. Oh REgina , Regina , REgina... Why everything has to be so complicated..

If you think my dh made it easy for her at home , you are wrong. SHE had to do her school work from 10 am till 2.10. OH, she was pissed. She thought she could play and watch TV,- But instead she was stuck doing reading, math and reading, and math, and more reading.......

See you all tomorrow. party is on.!!!!!


Patty said...

Hope you get some rest, Mommy. And I would ask for help with the clean up after the party. Don't worry about cleaning the kids rooms, they'll just get dirty again, clean later in the week after the party. Good luck with all you still have to do.

Julee said...

WOW! You are WonderWoman!! Diana, I am going to do everything to make it to Regina's party. There is a chance I will not be able to make it happen. The salon has me booked later and busier than I wanted. I have something for Regina, so if I can't make it I will call on Sunday to see your schedule to see if I can drop by. I will cross my fingers and try to be Edward Scissorhands to make it. Happy Birthday Regina!!!!!