Friday, September 14

Few Pics

So Regina got her Last Irinotecan chemo today. Yuck. Her counts are dropping. ANC is all ready 900 and Platelets are getting close to 50 000 mark. Also Red blood cells are dropping.
Monday we have to go back to labs again.
On 24th she will ahve picc line pulled out and double hickman put in, On 25th they want to harvest her stem cells and on 9th she will have MRI with contrast.
Accident on 405 ( 4 car collision)

All bundled up.

dancing with Tony

PICC line

dancing with Tony video.

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Patty said...

God Bless her, hope all goes well and she will still be able to have her Birthday Party. I was trying to send her a small photo of an Angel, but it won't let me in this comment box. Anyway, I'll pray that she has a Guardian Angel watching over her.