Wednesday, September 5


Today Dr Dhall showed me all her scans since may, and WOW. White matter that was full of tumor cells ( those 39 something tumors) is almost gone. Only little more is left. There are still few tumors left in her brain, but doctors are getting more and more exited about cure and bone marrow transplant.

We are starting chemo on friday. do not ask why, because you know why... ;)

BUT 14-17 days after chemo Regina needs Double Hickman line , her stem cells needs to be harvested ( first Dr Dhall is checking with St jude, if they have saved some). Dr Dhall told me that Dr gajjar will NOT be very exited to hear about ANOTHER bone marrow transplant... but oh well... ....

Anyway. IF they can not harvest Reginas Stem cells, THEN we have to look into bone marrow Registry to find a mach... That part is not fun...
So all of you find your local bone marrow place and get yourself into system... Start saving lives.

ALSO.. After this round we are done with inpatient chemo and start oral chemo and outpatient chemo and have to have at least 2-3 stem cell transplant rounds.... BUT again,, nothing is 100% sure Things can change, plans can change, new drugs may POP UP, miracle is allready happening so there you go..... So NOW I am starting to let Regina plan her Halloween and christmas etc... OH WOW... These upcoming 3 months sound very exhausting .. Not sure how everything will go, but we are very , very exited about it!


julee said...

I am SOOOO happy. Miracles happen!!!

B said...

Praising God for the wonderful report! I absolutely believe in miracles and am keeping the faith for Regina's complete miracle healing!
:D Brenda

Anonymous said...

Heather and I pray for miracles and miracles are happening. We hope they continue to happen. Give Regina a big hug and kiss for us. Love to you all.
Beth and Heather

Kathy said...

Awesome news.

So does this mean we might see you at the Ride for Kids?

Give her a hug from us. Chemo on Friday means a few more days of school, right?

Truly awesome.

Sleeping Beauty said...

Today was At first I was little scared. Dr Dhall came into room with very serious look on his face- DO you want to see REginas scans??? I said yes, and then he took me into dark small room with 2 huge computes , where 16 different Reginas brain views were projected... ( 4 different scans). AND difference was amazing- from june 22nd to August scans. i am very very exited about our next steps... Ride for kids sound reasonable now.... ;)

Steph said...

Really wonderful to read your new tonight! Still praying here!

Asher's mom

Beverly said...

Wow! This is such amazing news and so wonderful! I'm thrilled beyond tears for you guys.

Regina is the most beautiful girl, even in the midst of this.

Patty said...

What wonderful news, thank you God for her good report.

Lennuk said...

wow, WOW! This is great news!!!!!
I'm so glad for Regina and for you and for your all family!!!!!!

Harry hoped to be bone marrow donor for his brother, but he wasn't match... Yes, it's hard to find a match! Good luck!
See you around!

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana,
I've got chills all over when I was reading Your post. It still amazes me how some strong and heavy chemicals can make such a difference. How along with nasty sideeffects something so good can happen. At this point I am so excited about Regina. Is Gabriel not a mach for Her?

Sleeping Beauty said...

Jaana. We do not know yet:( I was told to check out Reginas marrow/stem cells first and then go from there. We hope that she has enough cells and we do not have to check into bone marrow Registry.

We are still at home. Hospital is full and they are waiting after one family ( they supposed to check out today.)