Monday, September 10

Almost out.

Yeah, we are here today little longer than usually.. Reginas chemo did not start before midnight last night , and she has to still get fluids because of that. But sh had very good night. No vomiting. Poor girl had really bad night night before, and sunday day for her was horrible. VOMITing all day long. In the end of the day she was so drugged up , she had no idea where she was. lol She fell asleep around 7 pm because of all the drugs, and nothing could wake her up to get her oral chemo.. She finally opened her mouth to take her pills, but she did not wake up...

now.. SCABIES!!!! NO she does not have it, but hospital had scabies outbreak and everybody who was hospitalized in august has to go home with creams and medications. YUCK YUCK YUCK... YUCK YUCK.. I hate body bugs....

Now we are waiting to get discharged from this crazy house..

OH... I saw dr Finaly today. He is VERY, VERY VERY impressed what is going on with Regina and it is happening so fast . They were not expecting such a fast response from tumors. :):):) They better start working fast to work on our next step... :)


Patty said...

Happy to hear everything is going good, except for the poor child's vomitting. Hopefully this will all soon be behind her and only seem like a bad gream to her.

Kepping you in my prayers. Give her a big hug from me.

Kathy said...

We got rid of Steven's and Sean's head lice with Listerine, but that's probably not appropriate for a child on chemo.

Somehow I bet the head lice didn't originate with the chemo kids. First of all, they're bald and secondly I bet any child on chemo has enough poisonous drugs in their bloodstream to kill off any louse that even thinks of taking a bite.

You think that maybe three families in one room is two too many?

Very happy to hear that Regina seems to be over the worst of the chemo days. Now if you can just keep that fever away she'll be good to go.

I wonder if they'll have platelets for her this time.


Kathy said...

I was thinking of head lice instead of scabies.

Scabies are most common in crowded situations where people are in close contact.

I'd hope that chemo would kill them. I feel so sorry for any of the kids that have them.


I hope Regina got discharged and you are home now.

Doug will be in Irvine tomorrow visiting a company that makes a popular search engine.

You said you saw Memphis in our future, but maybe it will be Irvine instead. Doug and I met in Irvine.