Wednesday, September 19



I hope Regina does not hate me rest of my I did not get her any toys. I got her Few clothes with Hello Kitty and sleeping beauty stuff.. Honestly she was very exited. She started trying them on right away and gave me fashion show. Lately she has done lot of " modelin" and model walking around the house. She looks very serious while she does it.:) Today we are going to hospital for labs. I AM HOPING HER ANC IS ALL ready starting to come up. If yes, then I want to drive home today and take her to CHilis to eat.

BTW. GO to chilis on 24th of september. It is their annual ST JUDE fundrising event. All profits will go to ST JUDE.
I think Nick will take Gabriel there, but sadly Regina and I have to stay to hospital because she will have procedure that they ( picc line out, Double Hickman in)



Patty said...

Just in case you missed this on the other post. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Go here to pick up your card.
Happy Birthday Regina.
Tell Mommy to copy and post in the browser, and it will take you to a Birthday card, just for you.

Sleeping Beauty said...

YES WE GOT IT!!! That was really cool card. Regina told me NO way, she never seen anything like :)
Thank you :)

Steph said...

Happy Birthday, Regina!!!

Jerri said...

Happy Birthday Regina to the cutest little girl I have ever seen. I love all your new clothes....I visit your site every day and when you are having a good day so am I!

Susan said...


I will be celebrating and thanking God for you sweetie.

You are a ROCK to so many and you are my HERO for sure.

Keep kicking cancer's butt...

You look so beautiful in your new clothes, mom, you did GOOD!

We went with snail mail, hope you got our card.

Lots of hugs for you today,

Susan & Jordan

Beverly said...

Happy happy birthday to a beautiful eight year old!

I love the clothes, and I love the matching nail polish!

What a wonderful and miraculous day!

Ilaria said...

Happy birthday Regina! I did some shopping for you today, but it might take a little while before it reaches you across the world! :)