Friday, September 21

ANC is tricking us. :(

bohooOO. Anc is 0 still zero, zero zero bohoooohoho. Me not like it. Me not happy. Me want out of here... But we have to continue G CSF shots. And most likely she will not have hickman line procedure on monday. Most likely she will not have her stem cell collected on tuesday and wednesday and MosT likely she still may spike a fever and my fear right now is IT WILL HAPPEN just day before her birthday. UGH. I hate it. I can not preorder any foods ( I wanted to get this party catered by Texas BBQ, but now I am sure I will make everything myself.

Kids menu will be very simple. Regina told me what to do.

  1. Heart shaped cucumber sandwiches
  2. Fresh strawberries and blueberries
  3. Mini hot dogs wit ketchup.
  4. mini hamburgers ( she loves my tiny estonian style burgers)
  5. Mini cinnamon rolls
  6. Chicken and stars soup( I am not sure How I am going to pull of that .)
  7. Hello Kitty Ice Cream cake
  8. Carrots for kids who like carrots,
  9. And lots and lots of cucumber because she just likes cucumber.
  10. Sorry to those who are hoping to get pizza. No pizza for you. You may bring your own pizza OR we are going to make our own pizza.

So that is it. For grow ups it will be something seafoody.. and staky ( are those even a words????)

OK that's it. We are going to stay to LA for a weekend just because I want to.

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Patty said...

Sounds like she's one young lady that KNOWS what she wants. That's great. I don't think I know too many young people that like cucumbers.

Good luck with her health, hope she can go home soon.