Tuesday, September 11

Wal Mart, and Kellogs, and Tony the Tiger..

We had such a great evening here at Ronald McDonald house last night. Yesterday was the day when Wal Mart Clearance guys filled RMD house breakfast pantry. GIANT pile of hot and cold Kellogs cereals, toys for kids, snacks for everybody... It was very cool. ALso Kelloggs representative was present.

The best moment of the night happened when Tony The Tiger showed up... ALl orange, stripy and crisp ;) Regina was EXITED, and happy to see him.. She was Tony's heart. Regina was dancing with Tony, giving him hugs, playing games, laughing like I never seen her laugh before. TONY was worn out... lol Other kids were kind of shy and just wanted to take pictures, but Regina just kept bugging TOny until tony left ( hour later)... I wish I had pics for you, BUT I forgot to take transfer cord with me.. Pictures later... ANYWAY, just picture laughing Regina and Giant tiger having fun.... You'll laugh too. :)

RIGHT now we are just waiting her in RMD house. Pharmacy did not have her meds yesterday, so we have to WAIT until 12 to get them... LAst night we had to wait in hospital for 6 hours for reginas chemo drugs BECAUSE NOBODY FAXED reginas prescription to pharmacy. I was so mad- I WENT back to 4th floor, and raised my voice... OMG. I never seen people so busy on 4th floor... FInally just after 5 minutes of phonecalls they got Reginas prescription to pharmacy and I got my meds... BUT WTF??? WHY was it so hard for them to do it 12 pm?? HUH?? WHy they did not make those phonecalls then???? MORE frustration.....

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