Thursday, September 27

3rd day..

Today was third, but not last day of stem cell harvest. Dr Dhall wants to do one more harvest after next outpatient chemo round. Yesterdays harvest was not very successful :( Today I left. Nick came to hospital to give me night off- well, afternoon off....
I swear- I have not done anything, but I am so drained- emotionally drained..

I also went to Open house in Gabriel and Reginas school. SInce Regina really has not attended school this year :(, I did not pay visit to her class. I should have... I visited Gabriels classroom because I wanted to see how Gabe is doing. I think he is doing pretty awesome for a first grader. He HAS to work more on his writing skills. I was surprised to see his drawings in his journal. I had no idea that he drew suh great pictures

Also, Nick and Regina showed up kind of unexpectedly.. Honestly- I wanted this night for me...( how selfish huh???) But oh well, they are home now.. I just did not want to deal with any drama tonight because of my very high stress level... But sadly time to time other half does not understand little clues here and there....

And most important- THANK YOU FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY WISHES AND cute gifts :) Regina is very thankful for everything.:0)
Also thank you to all of you who have donated to Reginas fund:) I am sure you know exactly, how much your donations mean to us :):):):)


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