Sunday, September 2

MRI update...

AGAIn, this is not official report and don't take it seriosly, but DR Dhall just emailed me. He told me that he let Nurse on 4 west read the report and as much he understood from it, seems like tumor has shrank a little more... But he did warn me not to take it very seriosly, sine he has not SEEN reports himself yet. SO, it means that Reginas condition is STABLE!!!!!! Yeah....

Waiting for Monday for more news.



Anonymous said...

I am new to your site, but amazed at the courage, and humor in which you face each and every day. I am praying hard for your little girl.

melissa and hailee

Kathy said...

Stable is good.

We'll be praying for more good news after they take a closer look at the scans.

Julee said...

I have faith that this is the start of many good reports. I am so glad. You have been making such brave and good choices about her treatment.

Sunday I was in my car in a parking lot over at Nellie Gail. I had the car in drive with my foot on the brake. I thought someone was shaking my car as a joke. No one was around. I thought great I have a new car and there is something wrong with it already. 5 minutes later Sam called me to tell me about the earthquake. Hopefully these smaller earthquakes takes the pressure off the faults so we dont have a big one.

Susan said...

Hey Regina,

Thanks so much for doing a GREAT job of journaling and sharing so many neat pictures of your BEAUTIFUL daughter!

I'm blessed beyond WORDS about hearing things are stable.

I'll continue praying harder and harder for your precious Regina.

Give her a big hug from us!

Susan & Jordan

PS The "Hello Kitty party" sounds like fun. I've always loved HK since I was a little girl. I had all boys so I could buy all that CUTE stuff!!!