Monday, September 17

I am psyhcic

I am psychic. lol Or I really have figured out how chemo works.
even though Regina feels wonderful and is full of energy, her counts were total crap today. Hemoglobin 7,2 and platelets 40 000 and ANC is zero.. big fuckin' zero. UGH. I just woke up today I knew that we will be spending whole day in hospital. 8.30 labs... ,11 . 30 platelets, 12 blood and leaving hospital around 5 pm. That is a awful lot

of sponge bob and other tv characters That make no sense to me. :)

Regina Receiving Platelets

So now we have to isolate Regina from OTHER people. The worst part is elevators. When her counts are low I DO not like going to elevators with 10 other people. Even if I mention sometimes to people not to enter because she is neutropenic and blah blah blah.. they look at me like I am lunatic and march into elevator anyway.. ( but of course there are people who smile and tell me of course, we understand completely. :) Thanks for those nice people :).

Reginas birthday is on 19th of sept ( wednesday) we have labs. Most likely she needs more platelets... SO PLEASE COME TO CHLA AND DONATE. WE ARE IN NEED HERE...
NOTE to Kathy--- stop scaring my friends with your horror stories.... ;)

Note to Maire- I got your message... but sadly I did not take cell charger with me and my phones battery died... But you guys are awesome ;)

Not to other good friends and strangers - See you on 29th of September is our house.... :) Email me if you are coming. I know I did not evite lot of you, because I simply do not have your emails, but like I mentioned we have open house from 3 pm till 7 pmish... and after that all grown ups who have no kids or do not want to hang out with bunch of hello kitty, barbie and hight school musical themed stuff -- ARE WELCOME TO HAVE few drinks with us ... UNTIL you feel is right to leave..

Also we will be decorating cupcakes, and cookies and cluing stuff and just messing up my perfectly unorganized house..

PS:Also, some of you have asked how you can help with party---- OK. I DO NOT want you to go shopping- I know most of you have some arts crafts stuff at home, poster paints, acrylic paints, clay paints, brushes- anything what you have not been using and been wondering WHAT THE HECK I AM GOING TO DO WITH THIS - please take with you . I know most of kids enjoy doing things with others, so there's your chance to get rid of some of the junk.

Also- if you have some closed boxes of toys, crafts, unused new clothes for kids with tags on, and you have no idea what to do with them... PLEASE TAKE THOSE WITH YOU ALSO. I would like to take those things to Ronald McDonald house and share it with those who might need them :) BUt again, you do not have to do so. Just something to think about. :):):)


Kathy said...

We just donated a pile of stuff to our local RMH. In addition to toys, we took thost little bottles of shampoo and toiletries, paperback books and magazines.

Hope you keep the fever away.

Patty said...

I wish I lived closer so I could stop in and say hello. Tomorrow the 19th is my niece's birthday, I think she'll be 48. Also tommorow I go back to see my oncologist for a check up.

I hope Regina's days will show so much improvement it will even amaze the doctors. Good luck.

Sleeping Beauty said...

Hei Kathy!!! Can't wait to see you. I hope your Surprise Bday was lots of fun. I got you something, that I thought you'd enjoy, but then I realized that regina will have super low counts and I had to make sad decision not to go :(:(:(.

Patty; Happy Birthday to your niece. One of my very good friends is also having birthday tomorrow :):)

Patty said...

Good Evening,
Just a quick note. Please go here to pick up Regina's Birthday card. Copy and paste into the browser.
Happy Birthday Regina.