Monday, September 24

What a day..

So, we go to hospital 7.30 to get labs done. ANC IS UP!!!!! 2500!!!! Not bad. Friday zero and monday 2500!! BUT platelets were all time LOW. 27 000. She never had them that low. So we waited until they got platelets up from blood bank...

Our troubles started after that. As we found out Surgery had NO idea that Regina was supposed to have Double Hickman put in today. It is a surgical procedure and she had to take " sleepy medicine". We waited until 2 pm before they straightened things out and squeezed regina into their tight schedule. I was so done waiting. REgina was done waiting. She was tired, hungry and wanted to leave. But sadly she had no choice. We had to wait.

Now her double hickman is in, her Picc is in and she is all "Lined up". It is 5.30 PM now and she is having her first bite of food.

Also Bone marrow Transplant team drew some blood to check something something to see if her stem cell count is high, but sadly it is not . But they still want to try to harvest her stem cells tomorrow and Wednesday. UGH... I asked why can't we wait until her ANC gets really high. Dr Dhall told me that they want to get it while her ANC is boosting up, ..
Right now I AM TIRed. I am so tired to even think how to explain things better. I am just F)()*)()(&(*)&*&^%*&%^&* tired of waiting. TIred of things not done right, tired to see all sick kids. I can not wait till friday evening. At least then I can start prepping for Reginas Party, and I get some rest. Some good old creative rest. ...


Share the world about Reginas fund. If you know individuals or companies who would like to help Regina Financially. Please forward them her FUnd.

ALSO Reginas Party is on SATURDAY 09/29/07 From 3 pm till 7 something something. Grown ups or other "ups" who are not like big crowds of kids are welcome to come over around7 pm for cocktails and clean up..;) PLEASE no blush toys, no teddy bears and other soft items( High school musical and hanna montana pillows are ok lol ( halloween stuff is welcome ;) ) lol But you do not have to bring a present to her. :) Just a card and high five will do a thing :)


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Josephine said...

Hello there, I'm a reader from London and I just wanted to say that I am praying for your beautiful daughter everyday and you are a fantastic mother.

You are always in my thoughts