Friday, May 30


Name of the day- Nick Cassavetes- dude who directed " My Sisters Keeper".
I know some of you have seen " The Notebook", His mom Gena Rowlands is one of main characters. I cryed my eyes out when I went to theater to see that movie. And Not to mention- I HATED movies like that, I still hate movies that make me cry. Not because they are badly directed, but because they make me feel sad and I dislike feeling sad.

Today I HBO'd another one of his hits - Alpha Dog (Justin Timberlake). I wanted to go to see it when it came out, but never found time to see it. This movie is very dark and has some FUCKING language and Pg13 scenes. This was my kind of movie- Sex, drugs and gangsters.... It was longer than I expected, but story itself was very interesting... Very different from my "world". Tomorrow I try to watch JohnQ- another one of his movies.

Regina often talks about "Mister Nick" and ask me if we are going back to do some more acting, because she really likes it. Today I caught her in front of mirror talking to herself and making all sorts of faces - Angry, sad, mad, happy, and so on... Maybe she finally found her calling.. Who knows.

And now something very exiting!!!!!!!!! Regina went to swimming today very first time . She has not been to swimming pool for a year, and TODAY SHE DID. And she was so happy.:) She is not the best swimmer, but she tried hard, and she was so proud of herself :)
I hope this summer will be more fun for us than any other summer before :)


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Hooray for Regina and her first day back to the swimming pool. Hope you have many more enjoyable day there.

Jackie said...

You seem to have a little budding actress there! :) I read the book .. (My Sisters Keeper) and can't wait to see the movie.

Have fun swimming, Regina!

Jackie in Chicago