Saturday, May 24


This is IV drug Regina will be on starting on 2 weeks. It is not Chemo drug. BUT IT does have few side effects and one of them in internal bleeding. I am not sure HOW much our insurance covers it, but I am sure not much. It is pretty amazing though.
Avastin is bevacizumab.

Avastin is an angiogenesis drug. To start angiogenesis, a tumor sends out signals to blood vessels. These signals cause new blood vessels to grow toward the tumor. Once these new blood vessels reach the tumor they provide the supply of blood that provides oxygen and nutrients to the tumor. This helps the tumor grow. Avastin is though to work by blocking one of the key signals that causes angiogenesis, a protein called vascular endothelial growth factor. This may allow Avastin to affect the tumor in different ways. It may cause the blood vessels to shrink away from the tumor, blocking the oxygen. It may also cause the existing blood vessels to change in ways that help the chemotherapy reach the tumor more effectively. And, it may interfere wilth the growth of new blood vessels, helping to block further growth of the cancer. ( copied from www)

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