Monday, May 12

Busy times...

My birthday Belly Dancer in Cabaret Tehran- specially ordered for my Birthday.

Whew.. It has been very busy couple of weeks for us. Longer updates later.
I just want to let you know that Regina is doing good. Not great. her cough is still there and most likely it is due to some allergies. SHe feels great and is full of energy.

On My Sisters Keeper everybody knows her name and she has made some great friends. Things are in fact that great that Director Nick wants to do some CLOSE up shots of Regina, which possibly means that she will be clearly seen in My Sisters Keeper .. It is pretty big deal for us. Nick And Regina played some silly games on set and REgina was laughing and cracking up at his silly jokes like he is her idol or something.( Director Nick)
I feel sad that this is last week of filming for Regina. To be honest, it has been fun. We made some great friends, met some amazing people, and ate great food. I know Regina will miss all this also.
I am not sure what happens if there is another

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