Sunday, May 4

Ride for Kids.

Pediatric Brain tumor Foundation was established 25 years ago.

Today was 17th Los Angeles area Ride FOr kids. For us it was 3'd ride overall. 3 years ago our friend Kathy invited us to San DIego ride for Kids, and year after we did LA RIde for kids, and this year again.
IT is amazing feeling to see so many motor cyclists in one place and they are there for only on reason- TO raise money and awareness about childhood braintumor. Money they rise will go to brain tumor research. THis year LA area Riders raised over 260 000 dollars. AMAZING!!!
There was about 600 or more motor cycles riding today- again, it s really hard to describe what was going on.
Regina and Gabriel were riding on side cars and Nick and I just sat on back seats of other bikers.

THe whole ride was guarded by police officers from surrounding areas - I think there was about 40 police officers making sure we could drive through red lights without any upsies;).
Ride was very scenic- ocean views, city views, and all the other views. :) Weather was tinybit cool, but thats ok.
Before ride there were trick rides , doing some pretty awesome bike tricks- 70 year old dude doing some bike acrobatics, and other tricks. Very interesting sight to see.

Also, Dr Finlay and Epstein from CHLA were there to give thanks
Anyway, it was awesome day, and we all had great time. ( well, Regina thinks it kind of boring, since she has to sit and pose for pictures..hehe.

SO, guys, I was thinking, if you have change, send it over to our house. We are starting to do some fund raising ourselves. :) We have year and goal about 5000 dollars. We hope that by May next year we have this amount with your help my dear friends:)
Help us find cure for cancer :)

AND NOW- MOST EXITING NEWS---- REginas central broviac line will be removed tomorrow-- NO MORE SPONGE BATHS!!!! She has not been able to take baths for almost a year. IT is about time . We have to be In CHLA 6am, which means I have to start driving 5 am.Yuck. But yahoo for no more restrictions.:)

ALSO, regina is off her meds that made her act out of character. For now on, she should start getting better again:)


Kathy said...

Ride For Kids are fantastic, aren't they?
I was in Los Angeles last year and San Diego in 2006.
Glad to hear your good news.


Anonymous said...