Friday, May 9

Pretty LUcky..

On the set. BTW, those of you who watch CSI Miami.... while ago there was scene with HOratio Cane and His son( and drama around it ), that blond boy is alway in this movie. He is so adorable,and very nice. I did not get a pic with him, but take my word to it.

Production actually fired someone because he was asking very inappropriate questions from children ( about their outlook ), Most likely he thought that we are all PROPS and not cancer patients. That 's how much these people in there care.!!!

Reina, Cameron, Flat Regina and Precious.
After IT'S A WRAP. Cameron came out of her room and took some pictures with kids and mentioned to REgina that she has grown taller . SHe thinks month ago Regina was MUCH shorter. hehe. Abigail Breslin and flat Regina. She s so sweet and cute. Regina kept showering her with questions like- Is cameron your Real mom, Did she really hit you.. etc.... lol And she did not get frustrated with Regina. She just kept smiling and answering questions.

AND this is THE NICK!!!
Nick Cassavetes- Director who runs on Energizer ( I think). TO get Regina into shooting mode , he played candy land with her, and then after filming was done, He and REgina played catch for couple of minutes.. It was so adorable.

He is one of the PRs ( I think), He's job is to tell- QUIET, Reset, rolling, QUIET, NO WALKING, SHHHHHH, SHHHHH,SHHHHH, SHHHH, ROLLING, Reset..heheh

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