Monday, May 19


Yes - Pre MRI syndrome is kicking in big time.. It has been present for few days, but today feeling is strong. I am worried and stressed about REginas tuesday late night MRI. She has been doing OK, and I should have no reason to worry, but I can't help it. It is my job to worry.

School is still struggle for Regina. there are mornings she cries for few minutes before she is ready to go to car. I have asked her if someone is making fun on her, but she refuses to tell me. OR she is not recognizing when people make fun of her. Something is going on, and I will find out. I told Gabriel to keep an eye on Regina , and he does. He tells me everything what goes on during lunch breaks. Once there was one boy who told Regina that she looks weird... but REgina is not confirming it... SO there you go.. SHe keeps everything in her and to get stuff out of her is just a struggle.

On Wednesday and Thursday we have to go back to LA for more Doctors appointments... On Friday Regina has dermatologist appointment. THere are some very uneven moles on her body and it makes me worried. Kids and people in General have had chemo and radiation therapy can get secondary cancers and one the most popular one is skin cancer, so that is one reason we do not visit parks very often or do playdates outside.

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed for best MRI results.:)



Kathy said...

Steven's had two moles removed and now there are two on his head I'm going to take him in for.

The hard part is how terrified he is of the procedure, we all have our phobias.

Regina's MRI has been on my mind for a while now, but she's doing so well, relapses are usually symptomatic.

So we'll be waiting to hear how this one goes.

As for mean kids at school, sometimes what they need is a little trip to the "no witness hallway" for a chat. Let us know if you need help with that :-)

Anonymous said...

Complete stranger here hoping all went well with the MRI. My thoughts are with you and I look forward to an update.

Kathy said...