Thursday, May 29

Chemo has started.:)

REgina has been on a temodar ( oral chemo- 3 capsules per night) since monday. I give her anti nausea meds first and then chemo. SHe does pretty well with it. She does not complain or whine or cry when she takes it. She just does it. Makes my life much easier :)

Regina and Gabriels school had open house today. Open house in our area means- Every classroom is decorated with childrens work. AND what I find very important- ALL children have equal amount of work displayed. I know Regina missed lot of school, but for my surprise all her projects were displayed in classroom.

Gabriel is funny. He took a 'TO SHOW MOM" list, and started checking things off without showing me where his projects were... lol.. WHen he got to note - Please offer your parent something from snack table- GABRIELS RESPONSE WAS- I do not know what you want , so what do you want?? Lol typical men.

One thing that I do not enjoy about open houses is Masses of parents. I get cold sweats. Shcool has 600 something kids, each kid brings one or 2 parents, plus, grandparents, guest... and for me that is stress . I like people, but I can not concentrate. I wanted to get more into my kids artworks, and writings, but I just wanted to get out of there back into our quiet and empty house. Weird. I really do need vacation..

But other than that, I am very proud of my 2 kids. They both are interesting individuals. I have noticed that Regina is more and more outgoing and happy. She knows all First graders and talks often about play time during recess with GABRIELS classmates. All Gabriel talks about is his friends and funny things they do in school.. When I ask him what he learned in school- his answer is usually like this- I am not sure, it was lot of stuff, but I knew it allready...( mister Know it all...;)


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Good luck Regina, hope this oral chemo doesn't make you too uncomfortable or feeling sick. School will soon be out and then you can play all day with your brother.

Mommy, you should try to get there either really early or arrive late, that way you may miss some of the crowds at the kids school open house. I know what you mean, about trying to see everything, it's almost impossible. Gabriel sounds like a hoot.

Anonymous said...

lol hilarious kiddos