Friday, May 16

Reginas "Star" moment.

On a set with Nick Cassavetes and Evan Ellingson ( CSI & 24)
On Wednesday Regina finally got her few second STAR moment on My sister keeper. Her Scene is with Evan Ellingson ( Jesse). REgina is sitting on waiting area and browsing threw magazines. Jesse has to look at her for couple of seconds most likely because he just wonders how these kids are doing. This is pretty close up shot with REgina.

I am very proud of my Girl.:)
(One of the Hospital Prop walls)

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Old Lady Lincoln said...

You should be very proud of her. You have a lovely family, husband and son plus yourself and Regina. She has been through so much. Is this film something they will show on a channel like the Learning Channel or some Health channel? I would like to see it if it makes it to local TV stations, perhaps a PBS station. Good luck with everything.