Thursday, May 15


Regina and her Panda that she got from My Sister keeper set.
Today was one of those days I rather not have.. it started out fine, but after 2 hour drive to Inglewood, 8 and 1/2 hour wait in My SIsters Keeper set we were sent home, since it took them longer to FILM OTHER SCENE , and since REgina is only 8 years old , she can legally work only 8 hours. Letme tell you... I was pissed but oh well, this is entertainment business, you get those "days" and you have to deal with it.
Regina is ok. she did 3 hours of school, played DS, read books and ate junk food. She told me she loves it.
I told her this is her last day, and she started crying in car. SHe told me that she wants me to find her new "Job". Oh boy....

and scene they were filming today was depressing- very depressing. Lets just say... you never want this to happen to your kids.

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