Sunday, June 1

Celebrate Life with Hope

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Celebrate Life with HOPE 2008
In conjunction with National Cancer Survivor's Week, every June the HOPE Program at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles sponsors Celebrate Life with HOPE, an event honoring childhood cancer survivors and their families. As the largest annual event of its type in U.S., Celebrate Life with HOPE is a wonderful opportunity for our survivors and their families to get together with hospital staff and trainees, representatives of community and national support agencies, and major donors of the HOPE Program and CHLA. In addition to enjoying fun and food, the event emphasizes health promotion and wellness through attention to nutrition, self-care, and mind-body fitness. Held on the New York City backlot of Paramount Pictures, we are joined by celebrities and entertainers who make the day so absolutely special. Celebrate Life with HOPE emphasizes survivorship and life-long wellness as an on-going process that involves physical health and learning to maximize quality of life.

This was an amazing fun filled celebration. We met our friends we haven't seen for a while, ate great food and won some good prices. It was HUGE event... I think at least 2000 people ( if not more), very stressful for me , but I had to do it for my kids. They had fun, and I was the one who was running around headless, carrying their stuff they got, and just waiting while they were doing their activities.
But I must admit. It was amazing feeling to be part of this celebration. :) I am really tired right now, because after this event we went to dinner to our friends house ( YUMMMMM!!!!) and now I kind of feel like hugging my pillow :)...

My kids are upsairs opening prizer they got today.... Also, we got to meet couple of cool celebrities... Like that gardener guy from Desperate house wifes, Lava girl, some soap stars ( handsome ones, and more.....
We met our Sunshine Kids friends Amy and Brooke , our Hope Resource center friends, Nurses from CHLA DRESSED IN REAL CLOTHES ;), , Our fave nurse WHO is MOVING, doctors, lot of wendors, and more. :) OK, ok, I am going now... Sleeeeeppppphhhh ;)


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all. Nice photo of Regina, Gabriel and yourself with the young man.

jedidad said...

I was fortunate enough to be one of the Star Wars entertainers that were at the CHLA event and I did not have a chance to meet your little angel in person but I did see her there. I am glad I could help make some little faces smile that day. Our organization works with the CHLA as much as we can and I hope that I may have the opportunity to meet her in the future.
All my best to you and your family,