Wednesday, June 4


Week 2 on chemo. Regina does pretty well.. 4 more weeks, then she gets 2 week break from Chemo.
We went to see Dr Dhall today. And had Reginas labs drawn. That was lot of drama. Since Regina does not have central line anymore, she can't do labdraws in our loved outpatient clinic. First time ever we were sent downstairs to Blood Draw Clinic. UUUHH.. Not good, not good at all. First of all, person who was taking Reginas blood was just strange. First thing out of her mouth came after she saw REginas arms was- OH, GIRL, YOU ARE DIFFICULT. She looked directly REgina in the eye when she said it. And then she lied to her. I am going to do one poke only ( with her strong middle eastern accent) , that one poke turned into 2 LOOOng and painful pokes. Regina asked after poke if they have stickers or toys ( usually they give kids tiny toys or stickers if they have more than one poke). Her answer was. No toys, no stickers. You are a big girl.... I was littlebit upset at that point. I am so used to REgina being spoiled in CHLA, that that just hurt my feelings....

Anyway. Next week we start new therapy that we have to keep doing every 2 weeks. We are not sure what kind of side effects Regina will have, but if they are to severe of course we have to stop. But we are hoping that NO side effects.


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Good luck with the new therapy. And I would tell you doctor how the blood draw was handled. Regina is still a child and as such should be treated as a child not an adult.

Kathy said...

Blood draws are one of the most difficult things for kids, Regina won't find anyone more sympathetic than Steven when it domes to needles.

Maybe you could get blood drawn elsewhere, what about CHOC Mission?

I have no patience for people whose job it is to draw blood from kids who aren't good at it. When Steven needs blood drawn, I drive him 15 miles to our children's hospital because the local labs suck at doing it.

Anonymous said...

You do not know me, but I check on Regina everyday. I have never left a message before, but I really wanted to tell you how absolutely beautiful Regina is. I will be praying for good things to come for Regina and for that nasty tumor to stay away. You are a great mommy to Regina. Keep advocating for her! I wish you all the best.
Denise Martin