Tuesday, June 24

New Hair :)

Thanks to Robert Ferrari , Regina has a new beautiful set of brown real hair. She has been asking about her new NO ITCH hair for since we went to see Robert couple of months ago, and when I told her that her wig is in, she was She looks adorable. Honestly, she looks too adorable. She looks just like her American Girl Doll now:) So cute :)
I know, it looks like whole lot of hair, BUT we have a reason to keep her hair that long. Since it is a wig, hair will not grow ( duh). SO, if she feels like she wants shorter hair next time, we can cut it into different style.

So guys, if you need a great hight quality wig, or hairpiece ( all of you who have bold spots) contact Mr. Ferrari and he will hook you up with bestestestest wigs or hair pieces...

Ultimate Image Studio
1400 Bristol St. N. #260
Newport Beach , California 92660

Now Before and after pictures


hani said...

Regina are sooooo cute. She looks like mini Miley. She is awesome.

Excellent job by Mr. Ferrari

liina said...

Just beautiful! :)

The ParTea Planner said...

Ahhh, she looks great! She is beautiful with or without the hair!

He did a FAB job!


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Dear Regina, you wre beautiful to begin with, but boy or boy, with that wig, all the little boys will be giving you whistles. You look adorable, like a little doll. Take care.
Love, oldladylincoln

Kathy said...

I love all the kids as they are, hair or no hair, it doesn't matter to me one bit.

But unfortunately not everyone thinks that way.

Regina looks awesome. The new hair is fantastic.

The thing I like best is that now she gets to decide how she wants to look.

Steven says the wig makes her look just like you.

Joanna said...

She looks so proud of herself. :)