Thursday, June 12

Fight is never over. And it is a tough battle to win. During chemotherapy kids are fighting hard to stay alive. They are fighting for their liver to survive cancer. We parents stay awake for nights at a time , monitoring closely those chemo side effects. Taking our children to restrooms, wiping their behinds, feeding them food that will not stay in them for long, feeding medications one after another and wondering , when will it finally end.....
Our job is to protect our little ones . But how do you protect someone from something so horrid like C A N C E R ? I just want to point fingers and say IT did it, IT made regina have caner... IT Is ITS foult... But what is this IT??? I want to know.

Now that this IT is part of our lives, cancer is not only our enemy , but it is now our most hated family member, and we are fighting hard to make it disappear make it not come back.

I almost feel that our friends should be asking- So how's PNET doing? Is it still hanging around? Is it creating a new family somewhere In Reginas head?? Or is it packing it's bags and leaving.... Surreal life AS it is

Avastin Treatment went great. Regina had no immediate side effects

Our friend Hudson is not doing very well. He has been on hospice for 3 months now, and his condition is getting worse by day.++++

""" Our Friend Grayson ( ATRT brain tumor). had few rough days in hospital and is now resting at home. But he is very sick, and he has very aggressive cancer that does not want to give up.:(

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