Sunday, June 15

My boy is little sick.

Send some of your magic healing thoughts to Gabriels way. My poor boy is sick .
This morning he complained a little headache and yesterday he had some weird- our of character moments. But since he was still active and happy I did not think much of it. Today we went to swimming and at the pool he started feeling cold and he almost never feels cold. At home he went to sleep 6 PM, right after his dinner. And then I woke him up aroung 8 PM to check his temperature, and it was 102.0.... And then he threw up ..... and his fever went down to 100..... Now he is sleeping again. He has not been sick for a very , very long time. And when he gets sick- HE GEts SICK big time.... I just hope that he recovers by Sunday. he has to. It's his seventh Birthday.!!!


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Hope he's feeling better this morning and I also hope little Ms Regina doesn't catch it. Spary plenty of Lysol Spray around.

Anonymous said...

Hudson has passed peacefully. Let's pray for Hudson and family.