Sunday, June 8

We are doing great:)

7 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL AND WOHOOOOO!!!!! Wohoo to Gabriel, but Regina has one more month of hardcore summer school coming up. . school starts 8 am and is over by 11 Am. I also signed her up for some etiquette classes. She does have great manners, but this 2 week course sounds like lot of fun and it is something she would enjoy and they end this course in Ritz Carlton with Tea party :)
We Did some summer cleaning today. We threw away 2 LARGE trash cans of broken toys that make no sense and books that are missing few pages and cars that are missing remote controls etc. IT FEELS great to LET GO. I feel guilty doing it, because all I can see is DOLLAR SIGNS in trash cans, but I have to throw them away. And finally my kids have come to senses also and they really do not mind me getting rid of stuff that they once loved very much.... For few minutes...

Also, in 2 weeks my baby boy turns 7 years old. Luckily he changed his mind few months ago and does not want to have his birthday in scooters Jungle. I am so happy about it. He has been very exited about turning seven. He reminds me every day WHAT kind of birthday cake it has to be, checks if his friends have RSVP'id ( most of them have not YET). He really wants to have WII for his Birthday, but I have been on Wii hunting past 3 weeks,( EVERY DAY), and wherever I go WII's are sold out. I asked him if he will be very upset if we can't find him WII. He told me He can wait LITTLE BIT Longer ( until christmas ). BUt I have to get him at least 5 WEBKINZ. hehe. He is crazy about webkins and taking care of them. He puts them to bed, feeds them, goes to doctor with them... AT least it is not some DS came ... I actually play webkinz myself ( SHHH, ))

OK. Hope you all are doing great :)


Terri said...

Hey Diana!! Glad to hear all is well with you guys!! Next time you go on a housecleaning binge & feel guilty about tossing things, check out for a group in your area!! Have a great week!!


Carol said...

Try You will get an email or a sms message when a wii is available online. Then you just have to click and order.

The ParTea Planner said...

We have a new, in box, Wii (the bundle pack). We were going to sell it on eBay. If you want it, I can ask hubby how much it is. Email me at theparteaplanner @

The ParTea Planner