Sunday, June 29

Great weekend.

This was one busy weekend.
Before I go ahead and tell you all about our weekend stuff, i ask you to send some healing thoughts to Reginas way. Reginas Impetigo is back ( it is healing right not and is past infectious state, but it still bothers her). And Regina has headache - today is her second day to have it. I just hope that it is due to her Avastin(anti-angiogenesis) treatment. I will call Dr Dhall tomorrow if Regina wakes up with a headache.

NOW, our weekend.
On Friday we decided to host a dinner grill party. We have not had any grown up party's for a while and it was time for it. Our dear friend Steve came over and took care of grilling. I marinated meats, but he made sure they were grilled to perfection. :) thanks Stev-O. Last patch of people left around 11.30. IT was sooo much fun:) About 25 grown ups and their kids showed up:) Thank you for coming.

On saturday we went to celebrate our friend Jordans second birthday. Again, lot of food, great people, and whole bunch of grazy kids. Regina and Gabriel are done with bounce houses, so I took them home hour after party ( we live couple of houses up from them), Nick was home OF COURSE. Myself I went back there and enjoyed some fun sweet ( yuck) coctails.

THEN, on Sunday( today) we went to bowling party , that We Can( Bediatric Brain tumor Network) organized

Bowling party was in Santa Monica, It is about 65 miles from us ( about 80 km). But regardless of high gas prices, we did not mind the drive. We knew that this event will be fun- And it was. Thank you Kathy and Cris for organizing this event. We did 2 hours of bowling and we think we are done.

There are couple of really exiting events coming up, but I will write and post pics about them when we attend them :) I hope you all are having a great summer :)

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