Sunday, June 22


On June 22nd, 2001 I gave birth to my second child- Gabriel Austin Tan. Labor was short sweet and easy ;)lol

Today we celebrated Gabriels seventh birthday . Couple of months ago we got this letter from some new place that had opened up close to our home, and I decided to visit them , to check them out. Place is called the moment we stepped into that place, We knew that Gabriels birthday party will me in there. They have 3 interactive theme rooms. Gabriels favorite room was NASCAR RACING room. IT was so much fun for kids.1 and 1/2 hours of uninterrupted interactive racing I was surprised how well kids behaved. They loved every minute of it.

Gabriel wants to say HUGE thank you to all of you for Remembering him on his birthday. He is really shy boy, but I could see sparkle in his eye .

Also- today is THE day- June 22nd, 2007 - Regina had her second brain surgery:):):):)

And one more thing- OUR number one friends ( yes, we are still on middle school), invited us ( regina and I ) yesterday to see High School Musical on stage. Oh, it was cool play. I laughed out loud couple of times. Fun times :):)( Yes , we had very busy saturday- First beach party and then High school musical.)

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Kathy said...

I remember last summer really, too well maybe.

Last week the kids played golf at Lawrence Welk resort in Escondido.

Last year the week you found Regina's recurrence, Steven and Sean were staying at Lawrence Welk with Doug's parents, they have a timeshare there.

Being up there the same time this year really reminded me of Regina last summer.

I am so very glad she's doing well.

And happy, happy birthday to Gabriel.