Monday, February 2


We had a great weekend. REgina is doing good:)
Today, Regina and I are going to CHLA ( LOS ANGELES), for overnight to start a new IV chemo. It is 6 week cycle , - once Cicplatin, twice vincristine, and some oral chemo. LETS JUST HOPE THAT HER COUNTS StAY UP...


Old Lady Lincoln said...

Hello my sweet little Regina, love your yellow hooded jacket. Makes everything look so cheerful, including yourself. Keep improving more and more each day.

Anonymous said...

Väga vahvad pildid. Regina on tõeline ime. Peale kõiki neid ränkraskeid operatsioone istub ta pingil ja on rõõmus ja särav kui väike kanaarilind! Tublid olete! Jõudu ja ilusaid hetki!

Anonymous said...

Tonight we're lighting a candle for Regina and as always, you are all in our thoughts, Regina, Diana, Nick and Gabriel.

Elisabet, Gunnar, David and Sofia

katarina said...

It is absolutely amazing that Regina is up to ordinary daily things already. She must have some special powers, no ordinary person could do what she does and put up with what she has to.

Long live Regina and her precious smile!

Denise said...

Regina, you rock girl! (so does your family)! Stay strong and happy.
The McPhersons (Denise, Jim, Noah, Luke, and Sam)

Anonymous said...

Regina, you are an amazing girl. I am sending you positive thoughts during this chemo cycle, and I wish you strength.
Denise at Starlight Children's Foundation

Katrina Soto said...

AH, now THAT'S the Regina I love to see. Looking Good, young lady.
Love, Mrs. Soto (from RSP math group at LNES)