Wednesday, February 25

:) Regina is doing really great considering her situation. She haven't had anymore seizures.
Today we went to CHLA for labwork. HER ANC was 750, but platelets ran low ( 49 000). So she was given one patch of platelets.
Her last dose of vincristine is schedules on 2nd of March. Then this first round of chemo is completed.
Regina has MRI on 14th of March, and after Dr. Dhall has seen Reginas scans, then we will discuss what's next. So please hope that nothing new has popped up somewhere there...
Reginas taste buds are messed up. Nothing tastes good. :(:(:( She drinks enough , but food, EEEHHH, not her best friend right now.
And that is pretty much it :)::)

THANK you for your continuos support :)


KMGheno said...

Thinking of you guys everyday. Big hugs!

Anonymous said...

Continued to good thoughts for Regina and your family!

Love, Mrs. Cardwell

Patty said...

I think of Regina and her family everyday. Wishing only the best for all of you.