Wednesday, February 11

Home today.

Most likely we get to go home today.
Reginas platelets are running low ( 30 000), so she has to get platelet transfusion.
No more fevers, no more runny nose, no more coughing. those antibiotics she is on must be somethings Else. for a second I thought I gonna "borrow" some of hers ...

We get to go home , IF she starts drinking. THey turned off her fluids , so she must get thirsty soon :)
She , on the other hand- DOES NOT WANT TO GO HOME! That is what she told doctor.. SHe wants to watch TV all THE TIME. No playroom, no arts, no crafts. Just TV. Kind of like moment out of 5th element movie...

Before we go home today, we MUST stop in Chilis. She wants to eat chilis tonight.( IF WE GET OUT OF HERE )

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Patty said...

Good luck, hope you're out in time to stop at Chilis.