Friday, February 27


We went to CHLA today. Well, she was scheduled for Hemoglobin, but after today's labs plans changed. :) REGINAS White count is 3,5, ANC 1700 , platelets 141 000.. and hemoglobin almost 12... WOHOOOHO ( yeah , lately I am on WOHOO mode):) So now we are going back on Wednesday for Vincristine and Dr. Dhall appointment :)

Regina is doing pretty good. Her appetite is still not present. She just nibbles on food and that's it. Yesterday we went to Chillis. She ate 1/4th of that tiny cheese pizza and she was done. For breakfast couple of bites of toast and glass of milk. .. it is little frustrating at times, because I do NOT WANT HER TO LOOSE WEIGHT, or go back to Hospital. Medical bills are already killing us. And now there is drama with Avastin- Insurance does not want to cover it... And then BLUE cross CASE manager calls me every day TO CHECK WHAT WHERE WHO, WHY. SHE IS driving me insane. Yesterday she asked what is going on with Regina and what appointments she has.. I told her , MRI, and chemo, and neurologist, and neurosurgeon.... AND YOU KNOW WHAT SHE ASKED ME --- DOES REGINAS DOCTOR KNOWS THAT SHE HAS ALL THESE APPOINTMENTS???

WTF?? I lost it and told her that I wasn't born yesterday. We have great team doctors and nurses, and case managers and social workers. AND I am trying to stay on top of things. SO what are all these questions about it... AND if I need help-- I WILL CALL YOU AND ASK FOR IT.

SHE asked me to calm down , BUT TOLD ME that she understands that I am frustrated.... I just wanted to .... GRRR. She just ruined my evening..

Does she suspect that WE ARE SCAMMING MONEY FROM INSURANCE??? Ridiculous. I have no words. NON. MAYBE she was really trying to do her work, but she sounded like she was on a mission to get EVERY Doctors name Regina uses. AND that did not make any sense. JUST look at Regina's paperwork on blue cross and you get the idea who she sees and how often...

BRRR BRRR mah....




Kathy said...

I think it would take at least three.

Patty said...

Insurance companies can be a pain in the butt, but then again, what would we do without them when we need them?

So glad Regina seems to be purring right along. Hope everything keeps running smoothly for her.

Just attended a luncheon for a cancer group of women in the Dayton, Ohio area, called the Noble Circle. My daughter bought herself and me a ticket, at $50.00 each that seems a little expensive, BUT the profit goes to their group to help their members that are either cancer survivors or going through treatments now.

Scott said...

It takes a truly dispicable individual to tell, anyone, let alone a little girl that they can't have life saving medication. I'd rather live penniless and on the street than to be an insurance case manager. They love collecting the premiums, until they have to live up to their obligations. I'm truly sorry you have to deal with this, but fight them tooth and nail. They are devoid of compassion, and they don't deserve yours; she had no right to tell you to calm down. How would they feel if they were in your situation?