Monday, February 16

Pretty calm day today.

NICK IS HOME!!! YEAH!. Regina was super happy to see him. When she heard him come in, SHE RAN to hug him. It is very hard for Regina to walk, and I know that it took lot of strength for her to run like that :)

option care nurse came and drew Reginas labs.
ANC is LOW- 900 right now.
White count is also low 2300.
and platelets are also pretty low, 65 000
Hemoglobin 8,9 - It is low also. She gets blood transfusions usually when hemoglobin drops below 8.

Dr. Dhall called us and told us to come in on Wednesday for Platelets. He said PLATELETS WILL BE ready and waiting for her on wednesday. ( I doubt it).

Also DR. Loudon called today and asked how Regina was doing. I told him the whole ordeal about bleeding and leeking fluids. Of course it is never good to leek fluids, but dr. seems not to be worried about it yet. We see him on thursday for quick visit.

Right now Regina is falling asleep. first time in a week She complained headache today. :( Hope it goes away soon.


Anonymous said...

positive healing powers all the way from Maryland. Thinking of you today... and always. Hugs to all.

Anonymous said...

Regina must be soooo happy that her Daddy came home! :)

Patty said...

I'm so happy for Regina and you that her Daddy is home. I know this has to make both of you feel better. Sending happy thoughts her way.

Anonymous said...

scorpion venum being used on brain cancer patients and it is working!! Google it, think I saw it on a PBS station at it was The University of Alabama. Good Luck and many blessings.