Monday, February 9

explanation, update.

Well, today started with regular checkup. After nurses tried to take Reginas blood pressure 5 times with no luck, things started going little crazy. Suddenly we had bunch of nurses around her, and she was assigned URGENT CARE room. her blood pressure was so low, machine did not pick up her heart rate. She was put on extra fluid on high rate, to get her hydrated. Also her oxygen levels were low, and doctor could not explain why. they were 97 ( it has to be hundred), so she was given some oxygen. After 30 minutes on IV fluids everything was back to normal. THEN, nurse decided to take her temp one more time before chemo... SURPRISE!!!!! it was 38,9. I told her, NO nO NO, TAKE IT AGAIn. 30 minutes ago it was 38,6. ANd her ANC is 6000. SHE can't have fever.. sadly repeat test also showed that she had fever. SO, Regina had to be admitted. NO chemo.
Right now she is on couple of different antibiotics, but most likely she has cold. Her nose is really stuffy, and she is getting a cough :(:(:(:(:(:(:(.
I just hope that she is getting better soon and we get out of here with no time.

After Regina fell asleep around 8 pm, I told nurse that I have to go home to pick up some things, and I also gave my key to my friend. I was back in CHLA 10.30. It is 54 mile drive one way, and luckily traffic was awesome:)

Now we are stuck in CHLA trying to figure out what's up. She does not mind it though. She watched FOOD network for couple of hours and thinks that Paulas husband is cool, since he likes to eat desserts. Not like Daddy... lol

Love , Di.


Jinsong TAN said...

I love you!

Patty said...

I hope all goes well today for her and everything is uphill from here. Give her a big hug. Tell her she has a lot of friends and family thinking of her.

Aimee (from Tulip's World/ChemoAngels) said...

You and Regina are in my continued thoughts.