Sunday, February 15

Not sure why things like this keep happening.

Yesterday was ok day. Regina did act little more tired and was pale.
She went to bed around 7.15 pm. 11 PM I was ready to go to bed aslo. Suddenly REgina starts moving around and wanted to go to bathroom.. AND that is when i noticed.
HER PILLOW was bloody. NOT just bloody, it was soaked with blood. ( So I turned on lights and saw that she was leaking blood from her surgery site. Pretty red blood.
I started panicking right away, because I thought she would bleed to death. AND I had friends kids over for a sleepover. There I am packing my suitcase in a hurry, making phone calls and nobody is available.
I finally got hold of my neighbors and they agreed to take my 3 kids to their house till my other friends get back.

I WAS NOt able to drive. I was shaking all over my body because I was shocked by what was going on with Regina. Mr. F. was nice enough to drive me to CHOC at midnight stay there for hour or so to make sure we are ok, and then he would come and pick us up around 6 AM.

Anyway. After we got to CHOC, I told front desk what is up and they HURRIED to get REgina in as soon as possible. They told me not to worry about paperwork that much, since SHe is in their system already.

Regina was put on normal sailine, and labs were drawn. HEr platelets were low again 35 000 and that was the reason why she was bleeding. ALSo. WHile she was lying down, nurse noticed that her pillow was wet, and she is like- IS SHE Sweating??? AND I am panicking again- NO, SHE IS LEAKING FLUIDS FROM HER BRAIN. THEN ER dr came in again to evaluate Regina again. HE went and called Dr. Muhonen ( neurosurgeon), and got some directions what to do.
REgina was given mild sedative, and local anesthesia was applied to her surgery site. Dr. Added few more stices to secure her leaking area. Regina was sleeping. She did not feel a thing. After 2 more hours of waiting they made sure there was no more leaking and we were let home.

OH, and in ER Reginas nose started bleeding also. \ When Dr aske Regina how is she doing, REgina told them - I AM DOING GREAT .
ANYWAY, we are home now. Regina is watching tv. I got 1 hour of sleep and trying to stay awake.
Nick is trying to get here as fast as possible. SO hopefully in 48 hours he will be home.

Love Di.


Patty said...

I am so very sorry she is having to go through all of this. It's hard on her and her family. She's quite the little trooper. You are in my thought, always.

Anonymous said...

Oh the poor baby. She has been through so much...and you too.
Even though I am a stranger to you..I wish I could come and help you. I pray for Regina's recovery and your strength to carry on.

Steph said...


Glad she is okay!!!!

Aimee (from Tulip's World/ChemoAngels) said...

I'm glad that she is feeling ok even after all that. Wow! That would have been very scary. I am so glad that you have such good neighbors and friends that drop everything to help you out. Hang in there Diana. You all are in my thoughts. (((HUGS)))

Jinsong TAN said...

Dear Diana:

Thank you for everything!
I love Regina,Gabriel and you!


Joanna said...

That had to be terrifying! Big hugs to you and the whole family, but especially to you, Diana! Take care of yourself too please!!

Anonymous said...

That must have been so scary! I'm just glad that you have nice neighbors who help you when you need them and that Regina is doing well again.
Big Hugs,
The Cutlers from Chicago

Anonymous said...

You are in my thoughts and I am sending you the best of wishes for this miracle that your family so deserves!!!!!!!! Everytime I see a picture of Regina, she makes me smile - such a precious child. Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

university of alabama is using scorpion venum for brain cancer and it is working, it may be university of arkansas...worth checking into if you can! God Bless!