Wednesday, February 18

Today's platelet transfusion was success :) Few seconds before transfusion she started picking her nose and she got a mild nosebleed. :( Her platelet count was 32000 ..
We have to go back to CHLA On Friday. Possible platelet transfusion and blood transfusion. We also ran into Dr Dhall, and he hopes that next week Reginas counts should start getting better.

On a bad note-- I just got a email from my Sis. She informed me that my moms former barn NOW, summer "house and garage had burned down at night. It is about 10 meters from their house. And they are lucky that fire did not reach their house. I have no details how, what, when. All I know that they had 4 fire trucks there and fire did lot of damage. :( I feel sad.
I just don't get it. WHY is this all happening to our family now. We already have enough shit going on in our lives and now this. Doesn't make any sense.

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