Friday, March 21


REgina received her very first paycheck today. It was 112.04. Not bad, not bad at all. Regina was very exited about it. So after we received her check we had to go to Bank. Our bank is Union Bank Of California. Since Regina is 8 years old, and she had no bank account we had to open her bank account. Now she has Junior Banker account in Union Bank Of California. So if you feel like sending Regina money you can do it on her name now ;) hehe.
She also had her very first withdrawal today. She decided that she wants to withdraw 50 dollars. She can not have ATM card yet, but anytime she wants to withdraw or deposit- she can take her bank book to bank and get a stamp in there. Very cool :)
She decided to use some of her money to buy new Nintendo DS game- Barbie and the Island Princess. And she brought her dinner with her own money - Terriaky chicken.

On sunday we have little Easter egg hunt coming up. We decided that we are going to stay away from crowds and stay home. Our good friends are coming over and we filled whole bunch off plastic eggs with money and candy, and we will spread these eggs all over our tiny backyard. Kids will grab their easter baskets and RUN to get those precious eggs.
After egg hunt we will decorate eggs, make deviled eggs, play with playdough, have egg race and eat lots of candy.:) I hope you guys are having a great weekend :)


Lennuk said...

Good for Regina!!!
I'm just wondering if she offered to pay lunch for you too? Did you nicely decline?

Old Lady Lincoln said...

Congratulations Regina, your first paycheck. LOL