Tuesday, March 18

More lights, more action, more heat.

Regina and Cameron Diaz 03/18/08
( Yes, Cameron is extremely friendly and beautiful person, I am so honored that I got to meet her)
Yes, I am horrible mother.. I made Regina skip school today, I know she already missed lot of school and needs to be IN SCHOOL... BUT if opportunity like this knocks on our door, we just can't say no to it.
Today was actually fun day at My sister's Keeper set. The scene Regina was in was about Girl ( Sofia from Medium) throwing up..

(Paul- REAL cancer patient-- AND SOfia- Actress, she does not have cancer, her make up, hair, everything LOOKS LIKE she has cancer. )
Reginas job was to play with her stage mom, who I LOVED this time. She was sweet and really got Reginas attention big time. They had to do at least 10 takes and repeat same thing over and over again, and not look into camera ,, AND Regina did great job. SHe even managed to "Pretend talk" to her stage mom. When you are background in movie, you are not really allowed to talk, all you have to do is pretend to talk and say out some nonsense words and then the other person moves mouth and then Regina, and then REgina acted like she heard something funny,.. ETC.. She did GREAT...
After she was done with her background part, I asked if it was OK, If I took a stage pic... For my surprise Nice people on My sisters Keeper Set asked If Regina wanted to sit on Cameramans Chair.. Regina hopped right on to chair and started acting like she knew what she was doing. REGINA AND CAMERA

City of Hope Kids and Regina from CHLA.

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