Tuesday, March 25

ONE, two , three , four...

Amy , from Sunshine kids Invited Regina among with other Sunshine kids to Burbank, where Kids had a change to learn to dance. It was really fun.
After School , I filled my cars tank with very expensive gasoline, and headed to LA. We went to CHLA , where Amy waited for us. Around 3.30is PM all the kids climbed into limo ( 5 kids in one, and 5 kids in other one) and took a 15 minute ride to Burbank.
Dance instructor Amanda Leise was already waiting for us. First kids did some stretching, and then they learned some very cool dance moves. Regina got little frustrated at first , since routine was tinybit hard, but she stayed in game and danced till the end of class.
After dancing Sunshine kids Crew took us to eat dinner . It was yummy...
Myself I did not ride in limo. I went there with Amy. On our way back from Burbank , Amy managed to drive 10 miles past our exit... weird, I thought I have no brains without navigations system... lol so, we had to take some 4th street exit and drive back, which was kind of mess, since it was rush hour.

But thanks to Sunshine kids Regina had so many firsts- First Ice skating, First dance lesson, first this and first that.... We love Sunshine Kids FOundation.:)

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Kathy said...

It's awesome that Regina is staying busy with fun activities.

I thought of something else for you guys since Regina looks like she's aspiring to be an actress--

Have you heard of Head To Hollywood? If not, check it out.