Wednesday, March 19

Oh, what a day...

Our day started out Crazy. I decided to keep Regina home since she woke up crying that her mouth herts, her neck hurts, her cheeks hurt. So we stayed home. Around 9 o'clockish I heard huuuge BANG. Poor Regina was sitting on her " pink Princess" chair in front of tv. Chair was in front of table. I think she started "swinging" with chair and chair lost its balance and fell backwards with Regina. Regina hit her head against wooden coffee table. She was screaming like there was no tomorrow. I grabbed her and my bag and hurried to ER. Her bump was HUUGE. It looked like REgina had Nose on backside of her head.
Luckily , cat scan showed that she is ok and there was no injury to her scull.

After that we hurried to ENT doctor ( ear, nose throat -sp?). Regina has been having some major sinus issues and we just want to make sure she is getting better. Ct scan to her sinuses showed that one of her sinuses is still filled with mucous, but is getting better... SO we have to recheck her in 6 weeks.

Now, about Reginas Swollen neck. After few doctors and few different opinions we were told that yes, she looks swollen, but seems like it is not lymph node issue. So for tomorrow I have to take her to Dentist to see if it is dental problem. She does not complain any dental pain, so I am not sure what could be wrong. ER doctors do not see this as big issue, ENT doctor does not think it is something "special". But Regina is in pain.
I HATE , hate , hate , hate going from Doctor to doctor and not getting some kind of answer what might be wrong.. HOpe that tomorrow is better day.

OK. it is 8.24 PM. I thought we are done with drama today.. But oh boy. I was wrong. Is it because it is full moon? Is it because I've done something wrong? Is it bad karma??? Anyway- I was just playing with Gabriel. And I told him- OK, It is time for bed. He stood up, started running towards restroom, but instead of running through door, He ran and hit the door with half of his right side. He stopped breathing for at least 20 seconds.... I was screaming to regina to CALL 911, Call 911--- And then he took one DEEP breath and HE WAS BACK!!! OH. I was crying tears of joy. Minute after this incident he was up and running and things went back to normal. I just hope that his face does not turn into color purple tomorrow.

Anyway... If you think you had a bad day.. think

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